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Green Lantern

Great costumes inspired by the fantastic comic book and Hollywood blockbuster film, The Green Lantern.

Deluxe Hal Jordan. Size : Extra Large

Start out on an adventure that could see you turn from The Green Lantern into the Parallax - Puff out that muscled chest, put on your mask and tap the mystical powers of the green ring! Are you ready to recreate Coast City? Pack Contents: Muscle chest jumpsuit, eyemask and ring. Gender: Male Age …


Hal Jordan - Child Sizes. Size : Small

Pledge your allegiance to the Green Lantern Corps and wear the Power Ring with pride. Practise the many skills shown to you by your mentor Sinestro and drill sergeant Kilowog, then prepare to take on the Appellaxian invaders! Pack Contents: Jumpsuit, eyemask and non-light up ring. Gender: Male Ag…