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Disco Mania

The author Tom Wolfe coined the 1970s as the ?ME decade? where the focus was moved away from community and history and onto self awareness. This mentality can easily be seen by the style of clothing and hair worn throughout the decade. The 70s saw the birth of jumpsuits and tight three piece suits that caught disco fever. During the 70s the birth of the punk movement saw burgeoning psychotic hair and punk clothing come onto the scene. The most iconic looks from the 1970s were the bell-bottomed trousers, three piece suits, giant sideburns, huge afros, beards, moustaches and feathered hair. If you are looking for an iconic figure from the 70s to emulate here are a few suggestions: Margaret Thatcher was PM, Nixon was president until Watergate, John Travolta was a dancing God in Saturday Night Fever, Abba won Euro Vision and Star Wars was the biggest grossing film of all time. Browse our extensive collection of 70s costumes and pick up the perfect look for your party.
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